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Expertly stitched, finished branded and packed quality cotton shirts. Karibu!


Shirts; executive oxford, imported shirts

We design, stitch and stock a wide variety of quality custom stitched cotton shirts. We have excellent high grade high capacity facilities for producing high quality shirts including finishing and packing. From normal Executive Oxford shirts either short or long-sleeve, or some custom design to ladies blouses  and African shirts, pilot shirts, security uniforms, staff uniforms, attendants uniforms, unique retail wear and shirts you are proud to wear to work, and to your events!




High quality fabrics and controlled production means shirts you will be proud to wear – year after year. Our branding includes embroidery and screen printing depending on the favourable factors or preferences; for example, a high school may prefer to have their logo printed on their school shirts while a corporate may look more executive with their logo embroidered on formal executive oxford shirts. The normal and formal branding location for shirts is the front pocket area – either on the pocket itself, or just above the pocket, the top half of the back is also a good popular section.


Unisex T-shirts Roundneck

Our branding facilities are also able to do pre-production sample runs which also acts as a reference point in production so that you are able to see what you will get when we run mass production.



We also have established channels for procuring high quality premium shirts from famous brands such as Fruit of the Loom, Russell Europe.


The best branding method for shirts remains embroidery. Shirts fabrics are very close knit and this makes them more suitable for executive type embroidery - this could be on the poclet area, on the pocket itself, on sleeves or on the back. Permanent, crisp-clear, non-run, non-fade and specialty embroidery that distinguishes your shirts and enhances your visibility.


Unisex T-shirts Roundneck


From tetrex and twill of various weights to the heavier drill cotton fabrics, you are lost for choice! From plain executive designs to smart casual with your organisations colours, retro designs, check and stripes; talk to us about your shirt concept and we will actualise it for you.